Demand Driven Dynamic Pricing Strategies for eCommerce

Dynamic pricing that is smarter than simply matching your competitors' prices.

What We Do

Demand Driven Dynamic Pricing

eCommerce companies know that pricing is key to driving success. But those that use dynamic pricing tend to price match their competitors instead of price to demand like the airline industry does.

DynECom uses customer demand signals to dynamically price products. The approach maximizes increases visibility, customer engagement and profits by increasing the price when demand is strong and decreasing when the signals show weakness.

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Who We Are

Greg Harris

Greg began his marketing career as a direct mail specialist for technology companies. Testing, big data, and lots of analysis was what he did for fun. He would go on to use these same skills in digital marketing where he built robust eCommerce strategies for numerous companies.

Siu Po Lee

Siu Po is a demand generation specialist having built sales, marketing and e-marketing strategies for numerous technology companies. Siu Po loves a crisp pace and a methodical approach to building results oriented programs.